This is the must-see dive site for all divers who come to Bali. The Manta ray is a majestic and impressive animal, and seeing it for the first time is a transcending and magical experience. An unforgettable dive awaits you!

After following the sheer cliff-faces that characterize the coastline to arrive at the southeast end of Nusa Penida, you have arrived at the mythical dive site Manta Point. Sitting in 7 metres of water, nestled inside this protected bay, is the Manta “cleaning station” where mantas swim overtop of the same enormous boulder and allow the little cleaner wrasse to eat off the parasites that cover their bodies. The water temperature ranges between 20-24⁰ C and is often rich in plankton. Since the bay is quite large, and at times the dive site can be exposed to large swell, good conditions must be present to make the journey.

The Mantas found around Nusa Penida are classified as Reef Mantas (Manta alfredi), measure from 4-5 metres in wing-span, and are black on their backs and white underneath (or sometimes black) with black or white markings which allow scientists, and divers, to identify them. They are harmless creatures, feeding on plankton, and giving birth to a single live young, once every two years. Since 2006, they are on the red list of endangered species facing extinction.

Diving with Manta Ray Price

Publish Rate US $ 175
Our Rate US $ 150

    • Dive Equipment
    • Land and sea transportation,
    • Two air tank and weight belt,
    • Mask, Snorkle,
    • boots and fins,
    • Lunch and soft drink,
    • Dive guide and Insurance.

    • Changing Cloth
    • Extra Money

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