Canggu beach has many fantastic activities and great surrounding private villas to choose from. From horse riding by the beach to choosing your private villas over the beach front of Canggu.

If you consider and think about staying in Canggu beach on your coming vacation then you will have several benefits. Canggu still retain its rural environtments which will make your vacation will far away from the crowd and get the full privacy and serenity. Though Canggu beach gives you privacy and serenity but its location close enough to Seminyak where all the happening are located.

Staying in Canggu beach on your vacation will save you more money and time and most importantly you can enjoy all the fun and excitements you get there.

Beach such as Canggu is hard to come around where the beach activities back up with five star private villas will resulting in a memorable vacation. You will not getting things like this on other vacation destination. So come to Canggu Beach and enjoy the rest.