People said that Dreamland beach is the new Kuta beach because this beach is still beautiful with its white sands, big waves, and blue sea that will make you think as if you have found paradise. This beach was used to be a raw beach that not even the local people around that beach noticed the beauty and the potential of this beach.

This beach become famous when some surfers in 1973 tried to find another beach that has great waves to surf. When they spot this beach, they said that the beauty of this beach is like a dreamland and that’s how this beach got its name. From that time, the Dreamland Beach is known as a great spot to so do surfing.

A long the time, seeing the potential of this beach, a lot of developers came to this beach and built five stars hotels, elite resort areas, and also restaurants that make it less beautiful as it was. But, the development makes it easier to the tourist to get a place to stay near the beach or find places to eat when they are visiting the Dreamland beach.

To reach the Dreamland beach, you can use public transport or cars to the Unggasan Village because the Dreamland beach is located in Unggasan Village in Badung regency. From there, you can also visit the Tanjung Benoa beach which is located near the Dreamland beach. So, what are you waiting for, get your swimsuit and take a swim in Dreamland beach.