Tanjung Benoa is located at the southern tip of the island of Bali, located in the district of Tanjung Benoa, Badung Bali and adjacent to Nusa Dua area. It takes about 20 minutes from airport, 35 minutes from Kuta beach, and about 40 minutes from Sanur area by motor vehicle. Tanjung Benoa is a quite beautiful beach. There are many small huts on the beach for shelter and basking. There are also many restaurants around this beach. With its beautiful beaches and a wide range of water attractions have made the Tanjung Benoa beach is known as a center for water attractions (watersports) and became one object of tourist destination. Various activities can be done on the beach like relaxing with friends or family, sunbathing, strolling along the beach, swimming and others.

Tanjung Benoa beach has a very calm water, unlike in Kuta, Sanur or Uluwatu making Tanjung Benoa area as the perfect place for game-playing fun water sports. This water sport activities usually start from around 8 to 12 pm. Thereafter, the seawater tends to recede so it is difficult to sail or do the water sports at there. The main attractions of Tanjung Benoa is its variety of water sport. Bali Tanjung Benoa beach has more complete water sports compared to the other beach. The tourists can play jet ski, diving, snorkeling, flying fish, banana boat, parasailing, and so forth. But this beach less suitable for surfing because the calm waves. There are also many instructors who qualified to ensure your safety.